Le Dupleix, Pondicherry - A Sarovar Resort in Pondicherry

Le Dupleix, Pondicherry 5, Caserne Street, White Town Pondicherry 605001

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Experience Historic Times And Prosperity At Le Dupleix, Pondicherry

Pondicherry is a popular globe-trotting place in the country. The former French colony has a lot of magnificent shrines and fascinating beaches to visit which makes it a major tourist hub. The city welcomes people of all cultures and religious backgrounds. Apart from the tourist places, the city is the busiest in M.G. Street and the Sunday Bazaar for fashion and embroidery.

Le Dupleix has been made celebrating the best of French architecture in Pondicherry. Le Dupleix is named after the last governor of Pondicherry. When his house was razed down, Mr Kapur was able to save a large part of the woodwork which has been reinstalled in Le Dupleix. With the help of INTACH, an architect, sculptor and textile expert, Mr Kapur was able to restore the woodwork to its former glory. The building was then converted into a hotel.

Le Dupleix, Pondicherry, is one of the best Heritage Hotel in white Town,offering comfort and serenity. The hotel stands flamboyant with its proud achievement of being the owner of Pondicherry's first bar. The hotel is a fantastic blend of the traditional and the modern architecture and has a quaint 'lost in time' feel to it. The hotel displays authentic woodwork, antique textiles lent by couture embroidery master Jean Francois Lesage and a custom design stone courtyard. The top floor shows an interesting contrast of intricate woodwork and clean modern lines with glass. Le Dupleix is known for its fare of seafood and Creole cuisine.

Luxury And Comfort At Le Dupleix, Pondicherry

Le Dupleix has rooms that are comfortable and luxurious. Crafted with graceful interiors, our every room add significance to the hotel's beauty and elegance.

At Le Dupleix every room is different and has been individually designed and the entire hotel is fitted with artefacts. The details in each room have been specially thought out and designed, with the end result being a hotel that surprises at every corner. The mix of the modern and the traditional decor gives warmth, but at the same time ensures that your stay at the hotel is extremely comfortable.

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Le Dupleix is the best leisure hotel in Pondicherry providing top-notch facilities to all the guests, to make their stay more pleasant and
enjoyable.  Enjoy a wide range of latest facilities such as satellite TV, laundry services, and much more. Avail a wide range of our top-notch facilities and turn your vacation into a wonderful experience

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Celebrate At Le Dupleix, Pondicherry

On Fridays, we celebrate gourmet seafood with Lobster nights. On Saturday evenings we invite guests to dine with us and sway to the sounds of the violin by Mr. David Wacheux. During summers Le Dupleix offers a Mango Fiesta in which we serve mouthwatering mocktails and cocktails, as an inclusions of a special menu and desserts.

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Live Life To The Fullest


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Rock Beach is placed perfectly in the heart of the city. This romantic beach is the most vibrant part of the globe-trotting culture. The beach is just 2 minutes walk from Le Dupleix which is fascinatingly the best hotel in Pondicherry.

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Sri Aurobindo Ashram is a spiritual community founded by Sri Aurobindo in the late 1920s. This splendid ashram defines serenity and spirituality. It is just 4 minutes walk from Le Dupleix which is the luxurious hotel in Pondicherry.